the bonded warehouse

The Bonded Warehouse Ghost Hunt

Join Fright Nights Worcestershire as we investigate The Bonded Warehouse. It is a three storey building with walls up to 13 inches thick and an unusual semi-circular end, the reason for which no-one can explain. The Bonded Warehouse held taxable goods such as tea, spirits and tobacco “in bond” until an importer redeemed them by paying the appropriate level of excise duty. The barred windows and heavy and barred doors of the warehouse bears witness to the high value of goods once stored therein.

The earliest part of the building may date from 1799 but could include parts of a single storey structure from the 17th Century when attempts were made to make the River Stour navigable. By 1829 a second storey had been added and the building was extended yet again in 1849 during the Canal Company’s most prosperous period. By this time a majority of goods were stored for transhipment in additional to the storage of taxable items. Internal cast iron columns have slots to take horizontal boards thus enabling an entirely flexible compartmentation of the buildings lower two floors. The projections at the front and rear, called Lucams, enabled goods to be loaded and unloaded in all weather conditions to either water or land.

The basic structure of the warehouse is very robust and has suffered few dilapidations even after years of neglect. Heavy brick walls 14 and 18 inch thickness are pierced by arched windows with small panes, shutters and bars.

The Bonded Warehouse Ghost Hunt includes:
– Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment
– Experiments including seances and glass divination
– Ghost Hunting Vigils
– Hot Drinks and Biscuits
– Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal
– Your chance to stay in a haunted location at night!

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit.

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