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Best Ghost Hunting Experience Midlands 2023.

Best Ghost Hunting Experience Midlands 2024.

Fright Nights Worcestershire is the sister ghost hunting company of Britain’s oldest and undisputed number one ghost hunting company Fright Nights, Est 1999.

We are an award winning events company offering the general public exciting and ‘unstaged’ ghost hunting experiences in the most haunted locations in the historic county of Worcestershire.

Whether you are an avid ghost hunter or this is your first time and you are looking to experience the paranormal first hand, let Fright Nights Worcestershire introduce you to the wonderful world of ghost hunting around Worcestershire and surrounding areas.

With a fantastic team of experienced mediums, psychics, paranormal investigators and access to scientific paranormal investigative equipment, you are guaranteed a quality ghost hunting experience unequalled by any other company.

Our promise to you is that our ghost hunting events will NEVER be ‘staged’. We only provide you with a real and genuine experiences of ghost hunting…. book one of our must do events and come and see for yourselves.

Fright Nights was established in 1999 and was the first company in the world to offer overnight ghost hunt experiences to the general public! After twenty years, Fright Nights still retains its reputation for investigating Britain’s most haunted and unusual locations as well as providing an excellent night of ghost hunting!

Hundreds of ghost hunters join Fright Nights every month for the most thrilling ghost hunts available. Often copied, but never equalled, Fright Nights are the undisputed number one Ghost Hunting Company.

Fright Nights have taken over 400,000 people on ghost hunts at over three hundred haunted locations, if you have never ghost hunted before then why not give it a try?

It definitely is an experience to remember!

Click on our Ghost Hunt Events tab at the top of the page and take the plunge.

We have a 24 hour secure booking system.

If you prefer we can also take payments over the phone, simply call Fright Nights head office on 07852 998628 and mention the event you wish to attend. (All major cards now accepted)

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